Message from Chief Director
Regarding “MONOZUKURI” (Product making), metal working fluids have a significantly important role.  It is no exaggeration to state that they are unsung heroes and the foundation of industrial development. Our association of today is formed by   companies which are in manufacturing and in sales of metal working fluids. The association was initiated by The Machining Fluids Friendly Talk Meeting held in 1959 and was reorganized as a MITI competent association in 1974. From a technical point of view, products of association members are at the world’s leading level and have been supporting Japanese “Product making” for industries such as automotive.
For the past few years, technologies of manufacturing industries in the world have been rapidly advancing and the expectations of our users on our industry became extremely high. For instance, materials are expected to be lighter and stronger, from iron to aluminum, further to magnesium and plastic. Desire for Eco-friendly products is becoming a huge trend. Our association has been working on chlorine-free and succeeded to replace 97% with chlorine-free products exceeding our goal of 95%. Today, we are facing an urgent issue to reduce substances subject to PRTR and we must tackle the issue of product recycling.
In our association, there are 6 sections which are formed by selected personnel within the association. Results of their research and study are to be reported to each association member. Our ideal is to create opportunities by having this reporting system for each association member to work hard by competing with each other resulting in leading the members to be very competitive against worldwide competitors. We are committed to meet the mandate of society while promoting close cooperation with METI, Japan Lubricating Oil Society and other relevant parties.
We look forward to your continuous guidance and encouragement.
Chief Director