Works on environmental issues
"Harmony of metalworking fluids with environment" is the most and serious task we must earnestly deal with as the manufacturers and suppliers of metalworking fluids. Without overcoming environmental problems, it will be futile to discuss about a prosperous future of metalworking fluid industry. In such a context, we propose as a first step towards the goal of "Harmony of metalworking fluids with environment" 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The ideas are not particularly new, and they are more or less already in practice. When considering about environment, however, they imply important meaning as they bring us to the very root of the matter.
Away from "Performance only" thinking, we need to shift to a new philosophy that would bring forth the metalworking fluids that are firmly based on

Harmony with environment in terms of 3Rs as follows:.
It implies dual meanings for metalworking fluids. One is "Reduction of overall consumption of metalworking fluids", and the other is "Reduction of hazardous components in the formulation". The former means that we need to seek ways and means to draw maximum effect out of metalworking fluid, and the latter means that we are going to positively eliminate the materials that are subject to such issues as PRTR, water pollution, environmental hormones and dioxin.
After a certain period of service, machines are often overhauled replacing some parts, cleaned and refreshed for use again. A similar idea is applicable to metalworking fluids, and it is actually practiced in some cases. Instead of throwing away a used fluid, remove foreign materials out of it, replenish necessary ingredients, adjust the component balance and put back the fluid into a continued use. It will not be practicable by the fluid maker alone, but it should be realizable with good collaboration among the suppliers and the fluids customers.
Traditionally, wastes are meant to be thrown away or disposed for good, but "Reuse" must be kept in mind because anything has a value for further use. An ideal is " to breakdown the wastes into elements through proper processing and use them again as raw materials". But it is extremely difficult to do so in case of such complicate mixtures like metalworking fluids. Therefore, the used fluid must be collected according to proper classification, and reused if possible as a fuel for instance.